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Is Miltons Satan the hero of Paradise Lost in any way other than being Research Paper

Is Miltons Satan the legend of Paradise Lost in any capacity other than being the viable hero Is it conceivable to identify with him - Research Paper Example The paper will give a record of Milton’s treatment of Satan, while considering the basic convention and discussion spoke to by some of Teskey pundits referenced previously. Like different legends, Milton’s sonnet, Paradise Lost commends a culture or a religion he intensely battled for. Satan is one character who has and still incites feelings, for example, detest, disdain, and fear. Notwithstanding, these feelings are fundamentally evoked by the cultural reflections on Satan and not from singular encounters. By and large, Satan is a character who is appreciated by certain scholars because of his notoriety of seeking after malevolence. Milton is one such essayist who exhibits Satan as a legend however in a negative manner (Herman and Sauer 50-54). Milton didn't expect to promote the evilness related with Satan. In actuality, he needs to build up Satan’s thought process of needing to be over his companions. While depicting the Creation and Fall of Man, Milton concentrates more on jobs of Satan other than those of God. Be that as it may, he can protect God’s prevalence and temperate aims and depict Satan as noxious and convincing. Milton’s portrays Satan as one who comprehends our inclinations and plans to utilize this information to beguile us into accepting that he thinks about us (Answerable Style: The Genre of Paradise Lost Web). As per C. S. Lewis, â€Å"Every sonnet can be considered in two different ways as what the artist needs to state and as a thing which he makes. From the one perspective it is an outflow of conclusions and feelings; from the other, it is an association of words which exists to deliver a specific designed involvement with readers† (Milton and Gordon, â€Å"Paradise Lost: Authoritative Text, Sources and Backgrounds, Criticism† 404). Milton’s sonnet has various varieties of epic shows, which makes it pervasive. In Paradise Lost, Satan is one of the characters whom a few pundits, for example, William Blake and Percy Bysshe Shelley think about the epic saint of the sonnet. This

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Discuss the ways in which Jonathon Swift Essay Example for Free

Examine the manners by which Jonathon Swift Essay He says that men wouldnt offer to beat or kick [their wives] during their season of pregnancy inspired by a paranoid fear of an unnatural birth cycle. Orwells composing is about death, a subject that would not generally have been talked about in the conversational way he employments. The utilization of metaphor in Swifts composing adds to the feeling of repugnance felt by the peruser. In A Modest Proposal, he doesnt essentially express that we ought to eat babies, however continues endlessly with progressively horrifying thoughts. He proposes plans and even prescribes excoriating the body to make honorable gloves what's more, summer boots, which is all essentially loathsome to the peruser. In Gullivers Travels he really expounds on the most nauseating of substantial capacities as in Lilliput where he can't avoid placing in that his defecation was carted away in work carts. Orwell doesnt misrepresent in How The Poor Die yet essentially underscores and emphasizes his point on the dishonorable absence of regard appeared for the lives of poor people. There are a few sentences and expressions that Swift uses in an easygoing, careless way that incite repugnance the peruser. For instance he discusses the twenty thousand cadavers as though they were dairy cattle and he discusses newborn child tissue similarly that somebody may discuss sheep. The possibility that infants ought to be eaten at happy gatherings, especially weddings and christenings is particularly appalling. In Gullivers Travels the language is rarely coarse and the topic isnt as implausible as in A Modest Proposal, yet it is as yet revolting to the peruser. For instance, to peruse of how the Yahoos would untouchable their pioneers most loved and afterward release their waste products upon him from head to foot. Orwell is definitely more unobtrusive than Swift, deciding to avoid the filthy and basically state what he sees. He portrays a case into which pieces of food and messy dressings from the ward were flung. This normally repulses the peruser, particularly for what it's worth in an emergency clinic. He additionally decides to focus on the upsetting the perusers sentiments instead of their stomach. The shocking thought of a demise not saw till the morning upsets me in an alternate manner to Swifts composing. Both Swift and Orwell disturb the peruser by causing them to stand up to some of people groups most exceedingly terrible feelings of dread. Quick arrangements with the grisly idea of human flesh consumption, and Orwell talks about two basic feelings of dread: neediness and undignified passing. One of the most noticeably terrible, as I would like to think is the infringement and absence of regard for the dead. The detail with which Swift depicts his thought is cooling, the exact estimation of figures is likewise upsetting. As he legitimizes it, it appears the thought could nearly be sensible, all things considered, he has taken something that is totally adequate for us to do to creatures, and supplanted it with babies. On the off chance that it werent for the unpleasant, negative tone of his composition and the cynical cleverness that gets through, the peruser can imagine how he really needed to eat kids. Close to the finish of How The Poor Die, Orwell alludes to the poor having their teeth removed with no sedative. This would hit home for some perusers as an immense number of individuals will have had a tooth extricated sooner or later in their lives and would have the option to identify legitimately with the people in question. In Gullivers Travels the repulsive areas appear to be all the more happy as it were, than the other two pieces. I discover Gulliver truly depicting horrendous procedures a touch of sickening, marginally interesting, however not upsetting. I imagine that the sickening segments in Gullivers Travels are less significant than those in A Modest Proposal and How The Poor Die. I think that its hard to pick whose approach is increasingly successful as the two journalists are very extraordinary. The two of them had social still, small voices: Swift was a dignitary and Orwell an early communist, anyway I get the feeling that Swift is angrier about destitution and it appears in the incredible idea of his composition. Orwell doesnt appear as energetic as Swift, as he doesnt utilize such emotive language and writes in an unpolished, level way. Taking everything into account, I discover Swift progressively successful. This is presumably due to the ludicrous, hostile nature of what he has written in A Modest Proposal. I imagine that by writing in this engaging manner and diverting the peruser he is more successful than Orwell.

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Module 4 - Case Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Module 4 - Case Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility - Essay Example Further, society all in all expects that the conduct of the considerable number of residents ought to be with the end goal that society propels all alone instead of relapse because of activities and practices. During the ongoing occasions, high profiled disappointments of huge associations, exploitative conduct being related with the senior officials of the organizations just as false business, and bookkeeping rehearses have featured the requirement for accentuating more business morals. The current monetary emergency has likewise featured the vulnerabilities of the budgetary division of the world and how senior administrators utilized the cash given for bailout purposes as their own rewards. The clamor by the general population, in this way, has been for the most part coordinated towards the dishonest conduct of associations towards various partners. This paper will examine moral conduct of two associations, for example Primark and Anglo American, and will investigate expenses and a dvantages required just as talking about one segment from Svennson and Woods’ model. What is Ethical Business Behavior Every business has a duty towards the general public, and moral conduct plots the principles and guidelines which really oversee the moral conduct of the organizations. ... It is likewise critical to comprehend that society anticipates from the organizations and in that capacity, organizations need to compare to the fundamental standards of the general public. This, along these lines, necessitates that organizations ought not connect any such conduct which can adequately conflict with the qualities and standards of the general public. A portion of the basic zones where firms frequently face basic decisions regarding moral business conduct incorporate fund, bookkeeping, flexibly chain the board, human asset the board, and advertising. These are where firm frequently draw in into conduct which may not be altogether considered as moral in nature. There have been occurrences where firms have drawn in into activities which were not considered as moral. Rates, for example, distortion of data introduced in money related records, lacking and insufficient working conditions for the laborers, unjustified rewards and high pay levels of senior administrators, and s o on., are a portion of the issues which have gone under substantial screener of untrustworthy strategic policies (Dowling, Festing, and Engle, 2008). How Primark Applies Ethics One of the key worries for Primark is to source morally on the grounds that it needs to manage assortment of outsider sources. Thinking about the general idea of business of the firm, Primark needs to secure its merchandize from various providers dispersed everywhere throughout the world. Moral issues, especially with respect to the gracefully chain of the firm, emerge because of antagonistic work circumstance in suppliers’ nations. In spite of the fact that Primark is resolved to give great incentive to its clients, it is sure about the issue of not conveying such an incentive on the cost of the individuals who really produce for the firm. Accordingly, Primark endeavors to adjust

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Significance Of The Mediator Find Consensus In Conflict Law Essay - Free Essay Example

This article examines the significance of the mediator in conflict. Mediation is a process of conflict analysis or conflict management which involves a specially-trained third party the mediator helping people in a dispute to attempt to discuss their situation and resolve it together (Capelos and Smilovitz, 2008). Mediation can happen at many levels, it is based on a third party to try to be an important ingredient of social change aimed at achieving greater harmony and equity between individuals and groups, both within and between societies (Ronald, 2001). In this article, the first aim is to represent the role of the mediator and the importance of the mediator. Then the second part is related to the parties in conflict and the behaviors of them. The third part is talked about the consensus in conflict. The fourth part show how the mediation works in conflict and the process, problems, techniques and benefits of the mediation. The last part is the conclusion of this paper. The mediators help the parties in their negotiations by facilitating a fair process which results in the disputing parties voluntarily reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. The mediator is not a judge and they do not have the right to make decisions or impose solutions on the dispute. The role of the mediator is completely different from that of a judge or an arbitrator. (James G. Zack Jr, 2000). The mediators do not simply listen to the negotiations and write down the words of solutions. In nature, a mediator can be called as a negotiation facilitator. As a neutral negotiation facilitator, the responsibility of a mediator is to offer a comfort environment for the parties to express their points of view, make clear misunderstandings, explore possible solutions and assist the parties to reach an acceptable settlement. The mediator must collect any information regarded as necessary to assist the negotiation process and must drive a solution which satisfies each agent (Benisch and Sadeh, 2005). The mediator is the core part in the mediation process. Without the mediator it is like that the opponent parties are still in dispute with disorder or at a loss what to do. The mediator can give the parties the possible to reach satisfied resolution they want. With the help of the mediator, people can keep control over the resolution of their dispute. An effective mediator has strong inter-personal skills and are adept .in forming quick relationship of trust and understanding with all the parties involved in dispute (Richbell, 2002). In com mon, parties are unfamiiliar with the mediator they chosen. As a mediator, it is necessary to establish trust from their agents quickly then they can build good relationship. In order to build a good relationship with the agents, a mediator should demonstrate that he has empathy with them (Richbell, 2002). The Parties The parties can help the mediator understand the interests of them. The motivation of the parties to seek help from a mediator is rooted in self-interest (Giessmann and Wils, 2009). The mediator needs to know these internets and understand the internets are different between the parties. The parties can not control the mediator, so they often expect the mediator can be fair and responsive during the mediation process. The reactions of the parties to conflict are often different. During the process of mediation the mediator should need to underscores the need of both sides of the parties and put equal effort into understanding their interests. The attitude of one party may be suspicious and unreliable to the other. Goal of one party is to win and for the other to lose. If the power is balanced in conflict, one party may hope to get the run upon; if the power is unequal, the stronger party will hope to dominate the weaker one. Parties are also inclined to assume that any misjudgments on their parties are set up and emphasize the difference between each other verbally or mentally. It is hard to deal with a problem when people are misunderstanding each other, being angry and thinking respectively (Doye et al, 2010). For example, in the conflict from a community organization and a church is related to a dispute about whether leasing buildings to mental health organization in community, people from different parties hold different opinions to each other. The community organization thinks people with mental problems will bring security leaks to the nearby residents. This opinion comes from that people often have a bad impression of mental patients. The church argues that the residents opposite to the church are selfish and their faith is different. Both sides think on their own side. The relationship of them is entangled in discussion of the problem. So, they need a mediator to help them reach a satisfied solution. The Consensus A successful conclusion of a mediation process should be ended in a satisfied agreement through the mediator. The purpose of mediation is to locate issues, clear misunderstandings, find solutions, and negotiate settlement. The mediator should assist the process of negotiation conducted in a collaborative way not a competitive one. Competitive negotiation is a process of win-lose dispute with deadlock as the outcome of negotiation. Collaborative negotiation is a process of win-win dispute with the consensus as the outcome of negotiation. The purpose of people finding help from a mediator should be to settle problems constructively and satisfy the needs of both sides. Decisions of parties may be changed at the end of the mediation because all potential settlements can turn out after mediation. In order to reach an agreement during negotiation, parties may need to make concessions so long as their interests are ensured. For reaching the consensus, mediators should assist the parties t o reconcile their interests or their positions. In the example of community organization and church, the outcome of their dispute may guarantee their interests finally, but both sides of them must have made an acceptable concession to the other. Effect of the mediator Mediation is an effective way for people to save money and time during dispute. Mediation is fair to the parties because the mediators are neutral third parties who do not get interest from the outcome. It is also a confidential process due to the information are not tape-recorded or transcribed. Most important, mediation can avoid lengthy and unnecessary litigation. Mediation offers a setting different from litigation and creates a chance for the parties to participate in the solution of their dispute (Margulies, 2002). The key feature of mediation is that it is private. This enables the parties to talk honestly and about their opinions and opinions on the other parties. The mediator is neutral so that the interest of mediation focuses on helping the parties to reach the settlement of their dispute, by creating a right atmosphere, asking the right questions and building the relationship with trust. During the process of mediation, mediators try to make people trust them and the opponent parties. Building trust is a complex process. People are often unfamiliar with their allocated mediator so different people vary in their willingness to trust their mediator. The mediators often have some personal qualities to promote trust between them and the parties effectively. Besides, mediators also ensure that the parties also have strong faith on the mediation process. Finally, the mediators also try to make the parties trust each other. The more the parties trust each other the more they will devote themselves to promote dispute settlement (George, 2005). An effective mediator of dispute dose not need to be a professional lawyer, but it is necessary for him to have strong inter-personal skills and the ability to form quick relationships of trust with clients. Building a good relationship with parties makes mediators must have some key skills and techniques to be effective. In mediation, mediators often use many methods and techniques to facilitate communication and reconciliation. First, a mediator should be ready to listen to what the parties want to say without interrupting or judgments. During listening, a mediator needs to collect information and encourage people to state all their opinions (Richbell, 2002). The mediator should listen quietly without response until the speakers have had nothing to say. Emotion may be more important than words sometime, especially in a bitter dispute. So, listening can also make mediators understand their perception and feel the emotions of people. The mediators should also avoid reacting to emotional outburst, as it may lead to arguments during the negotiation (Doye et al, 2010). Second, the mediator should keep harmony with the parties. An effective mediator often creates an atmosphere which is comfortable and stress-free to the parties, shows interest and respects to the individuals of the parties by ensuring his or her behaviours are in harmony. Then the mediators also should have the ability to as k effective questions. Best questions are simple and short and useful in gathering information. Next, summarizing is also a valuable method for mediators. Through summarizing, mediators can check their understanding of the parties, find the key issues, change the direction of conversation, and save time. After summarizing, mediators often reframe the statements of parties for reducing unnecessary misunderstanding of the parties. All these skills are committed to avoiding blockages during the course of the mediation. Conclusion Mediation is an effective process for people to save money and time in conflict. Mediation is an essential way for assisting negotiation. When the direct negotiation between the parties breaks down, the best opinion is to find a neutral third party the mediator. Mediation is effective because the mediator is a assistant who is appointed to help the parties solve their dispute, but who dose not get interests from the outcome. Mediation is also called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) because it is a cost-efficient and faithful tool to the traditional methods like litigation and arbitration. Even not every case of mediation work, it remains an effective method for parties to take for avoiding a long and expensive process of settling dispute.

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Living Like Weasels, Shooting An Elephant, And Virginia Woolf

The human is the most complex living being on the face of this earth, yet human roots are sometimes forgotten. Through Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, it is clear that animals are the brothers and sisters of the human race. In turn, human habits resemble those of all the living beings which creates unity between all walks of life, determining the same fate for all. A similar concept relates the three works: Living Like Weasels, Shooting an Elephant, and The Death of a Moth by Annie Dillard, George Orwell, and Virginia Woolf respectively. The authors explore the nature of such creatures in order to achieve a better understanding of their motives, all the while gaining insight on the cycle of life. Both Living Like Weasels by†¦show more content†¦Woolf paints a similar picture as the moth’s â€Å"legs agitated themselves once more...the enemy against which he struggled†¦was [somehow] opposed to the...moth...It was useless to do anything†¦One coul d only watch the extraordinary efforts made by those tiny legs against an oncoming doom,† being death (Woolf 195). This story parallels that of Orwell’s and explores the moments before the unavoidable force of death sweeps one away. The essays show that it is â€Å"useless† for anyone to do anything in this â€Å"powerless† state because the time has come. All one is left to do is to endure the pain as the senses are slowly removed and as he/she transitions onwards, displaying that change is also a part of the cycle of life, and one must develop patience and endurance to handle change. Moreover, Dillard’s and Woolf’s pieces investigates the process of death, the end of the cycle. Dillard believes that by â€Å"grasp[ing] your one necessity and not let[ting] it go, to dangle from it limp wherever it takes you. Then even death†¦cannot you part† (Dillard 66). In other words, one should seize their destiny till their body decomposes i n the ground,

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Agent Orange Medical Ethics - 1657 Words

Motivation: Throughout the past Forty years the Vietnam war and it’s after effects have shaped and changed so many individuals and their lives. I will expose a deeper look at what actually occurred during the war and most importantly what actually caused the millions and millions of lives; both Vietnamese, Japanese, and American. Problem statement: With war comes after effects and throughout the past Forty years many American Veterans from Vietnam have had health complications and issues due to the widespread use of Agent Orange during the duration of the war, especially at base camps. These ailments, cancers, and diseases can be traced back to a series of Chemical Defoliates or herbicides that have left traces of Dioxin with whoever or wherever it once was used or sprayed. Conclusions: For all of these Veterans affected by this chemical unknowingly deserve restitution and better yet compensation for their medical issues and bills. Agent Orange: Medical Ethics Agent Orange was widely used throughout the entire Vietnam war by Anti-Communist forces. In 1962, 85% of the food sources in Vietnam were targeted to be sprayed with Agent Orange from the air. Helicopters and planes were used in order to do aerial drops consistently and easily. On top of the use of Agent Orange on the forests of Vietnam, United States military bases used this herbicide daily if not weekly in order to keep the lands on the bases clean and low amounts to no vegetation on the bases. Many UnitedShow MoreRelatedVietnam War Terms1357 Words   |  5 Pagesthree branches of government should always be equal in power. ID: Operation Rolling Thunder was around the clock bombing of both North and South Vietnam, in hopes to cripple to Vietcong supply lines. Bombs such as cluster bombs, napalm, and Agent Orange were used. Sig: Operation Rolling Thunder did not work. Bombs were dropped on anything imaginable, but that did not deter the Vietcong from gaining independence. The only effect that Operation Rolling Thunder had was on American allies. FirstlyRead MoreDo I Choose Life Or Death My Unborn Baby?1406 Words   |  6 Pagesno control of, yet we pray to God to even become pregnant or bless the baby to be just healthy. In the world today, many women experience suffrage, with childbearing. The internal emotions fall to the wayside without the acknowledgment from other medical doctors to assist, with pain and healing within. A woman blessed with the chance to bring life into the world, and then right before her eyes, life simultaneously changes because of a health dilemma. Then the test of choices become a life or deathRead MoreSusan Finally Gets Pregnant With Down Syndrome Essay1650 Words   |  7 Pagesno control of, yet we pray to God to even become pregnant or bless the baby to be just healthy. In the world today, many women experience suffrage, with childbearing. The internal emotions fall to the wayside without the acknowledgment from other medical doctors to assist, with pain and healing within. A woman blessed with the chance to bring life into the world, and then right before her eyes, life simultaneously changes because of a health dilemma. Then the test of choices become a life or deathRead MoreEssay on Moral Luck1873 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"luck of this kind affects whether he will be justified or not, since if it strikes, he will not be justified† (Williams, p.25). Therefore, in his book â€Å"Moral Luck†, Williams introduced a new term â€Å"moral luck† referring to â€Å"luck that occurs when an agent can be correctly treated as an object of moral judgment despite the fact that a significant aspect of what she is assessed for depends on factors beyond her control† (Nelkin). Nagel agrees to Williams’ idea and categorizes ‘moral luck’ into four differentRead MoreJeanne Harley Guillemin on Biological Weapons3027 Words   |  12 Pageswell as being an author and medical anthropologist, for 25 she was a Professor of Sociology at Boston College. There, she participated in extensive research on medical ethics and hospital technology. For her works she received fellowships to become a member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee at the Hastings Center for The Study of Ethics. In addition, she was co-head of the National Library of Medicine’s Health Aware Project. This was a partner project with Harvard Medical School which tested how theRead More The Bright Future of Genetic Engineering Essay2185 Words   |  9 Pagescan turn an environmental disaster into a harmless situation. Another beneficial product which is currently being field tested is a bacterium that utilizes 2,4,5-T; this is a component in agent orange. When released into a field that has been dusted with the deadly herbicide, this bacterium uses agent orange as its sole source of energy. Capable of reducing the presence of 2,4,5-T from 10,000 - 20,000 parts per million to 15 - 20 or less parts per million, this bacterium has the ability to renderRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legal?2233 Words   |  9 Pagesand esteemed scholar associated with the conservative Hoover Institution has claimed that the legalization and taxation of marijuana would be highly financially beneficial to the country (Cohen, 2009). This makes me think of a sociological shift in ethics. It seems that the religiously controlled roots of Weber s capitalism have given way to the Marxist economical roots. I think that this undertone may also be a reason why marijuana has not yet been made legal. The general consensus for Amer ican politicsRead MoreDbq Essay 14488 Words   |  18 PagesCorrect answer: a Explanation: Part of the process of becoming a true, responsible sportsman is becoming involved in efforts to make hunting a respected sport. That includes teaching others, working with landowners, and cooperating with Conservation Agents. Click here to study this again.[-20] | | Question: What should be used to screw on broadheads? a. needle-nose pliers b. gloves c. thumb and forefinger only d. specially designed wrench Your answer: a Correct answer: d Explanation: Many archersRead MoreGenetically Modified Foods And Animals1936 Words   |  8 Pagesa controversial topic. They are currently being used to conduct research on new medicines and for cures of diseases (Ormandy, Dale, and Griffin). People argue that these animals are beneficial to society because scientists or doctors can perform medical tests on them, which results in cures for diseases and new medicines to help the sick. Most of the GE animals being used today are being used to produce substances used in medicines, otherwise known as biopharm. The support of bioengineered foodsRead More Gulf War Essay2215 Words   |  9 Pages000 addition troops were sent from Saudi Arabia, The United Kingdom, France, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria, Senegal, Niger, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates , Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Countries which contributed ships, air forces and medical units included Canada, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Poland, and South Korea. Turkey allowed uses of its air bases and Japan and Germany gave financial

Network Project Management for PM Leadership- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theNetwork Project Management for PM Leadership. Answer: PM Leadership Jim Rains is a newly hired assistance project manager at a commercial construction company while Bob Moore is a head superintendent working in the company for more than 25 years. As leaders, both Bob and Jim are very efficient, which can be judged from the fact that Jim could not digest it when Bob used to send carpenters to his house on rainy days while still paying them from companys accounts [1]. On the other hand, Bob was viewing the issue as a human resource managerial concern and did not want the carpenters to become demotivated or dissatisfied with their jobs by lying around free on rainy days. As a result, both of them are good as leaders. PM Execution The execution of the project has not been going very well, which is evident from the fact that the carpenters are not happy with their work schedule being disturbed because of the rain. On the other hand, the company is dealing with a situation where it has surplus workforce on rainy days, which does no work but is still being paid for the entire day. As a result, the cost of the project is increasing unnecessarily, which questions the execution of the project. PM Risk Analysis In construction projects, one of the biggest risks is related with the weather, which should be clearly identified during the planning phase itself. Weather conditions, such as rain, hailstorm, snowfall, etc. can hinder the progress of a project as the conditions are not suitable for construction programs [2]. To deal with such risks, the company should have prepared detailed charts and plan execution in such a way that operations like carpentry, etc., which are vulnerable to rains, should not have been done in months of heavy rain [3]. Ethics Assessment Ethics is a persons judgement of right and wrong. Ethics can play a huge role in the business world because leaders often take decisions on the basis of their ethical values. The ethical issues that arises in the cases study is whether Bob should use the workforce of his company for his personal work i.e. whether he should send his companys carpenters to his own house for carpentry and pay them from the companys expenses. Code of Ethics Professional Conduct is a legal framework which ensures that honesty, responsibility, respect and fairness are the values that define the ethical decisions taken by project managers in their profession. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct have a provision for protection of a companys assets, resources and data from being misused. As a result, using companys workforce for personal work is unethical on Bobs part and can be legally challenged as well. Ethics Alternatives Bob has a number of ethical alternatives that would help him in dealing with the ongoing situation. One of the best alternative is to bring the situation under the radar of the senior management. As the company is a large construction company, it is obvious that it must have some other projects running nearby [4]. When the work conditions in the ongoing project are not suitable, Bob can transfer the surplus workforce to other projects where their efforts can be used. This would not just prevent the company from losing its productivity and speed, but will also help in ensuring a better management system. Ethics Analysis According to the PMI Ethical decision making framework, there are five steps that can help in analysing the ethical value of a decision. Let us analyse our alternative ethical decision according to the framework: Firstly, the decision has been considered after considering all the facts and information of the case and will definitely be beneficial for the company. Secondly, it Is important to make a prediction and consider the final results of the decision. In this case, our alternative decision will definitely have better results for the company in the future as compared to the present decision taken by Bob. Third, it is important to identify ones own feeling towards the decision. With respect to our alternative decision, Bob will definitely be happier as it would help him in dealing with the on-going problems [5]. In the fourth step, Bob needs to consider if he can live with his alternative decision. In the last step, Bob needs to think if he would be able to explain his decision to other people and prove its ethicality. A thorough analysis of our decision can clearly demonstrate that the alternative decision is any day better than the one that was earlier taken by Bob. Ethics Application From the view point of a project manager, the alternative decision to employ the carpenters at some other project on days of rain will definitely have a positive impact on the company and will provide a greater good to everyone because not only will it help the company in avoiding wastage of resources but will also ensure that the resources of the company are utilised in a proper way and the productivity of the company does not suffer because of weather conditions. Further, the choice will also be fair to all the concerned people because the carpenters will work for the company in all conditions, rather than working at the house of some employee while still being paid by the company. Ethics Action In this case study, the decision of Bob to employ the carpenters at his house on rainy days can be controversial and can foster a negative environment in the workplace as the workforce would start to misuse the assets and resources of the company for their personal use. On the other hand, the decision to transfer the workforce to some other project site on days of rain when the work conditions are not suitable will allow the managers to ensure continuous and smooth running of operations and in fostering a positive environment in the workplace. References [1] J. B. Ciulla, Ethics, the Heart of Leadership, 3rd Edition, ABC-CLIO, 2014. [2] A. Chughtai, M. Byrne and B. Flood, Linking Ethical Leadership to Employee Well-Being: The Role of Trust in Supervisor, Journal of Business Ethics , vol. 128, no. 3, pp. 653-663, May 2015. [3] A. Walker, Project management in construction, John Wiley Sons, 2015. [4] H. Kerzner and H. R. Kerzner, Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, Wiley Publishers, 2017. [5] M. S. Schwartz, Ethical Decision-Making Theory: An Integrated Approach, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 139, no. 3, pp. 755-776, December 2016.